Lost in Translation – My first photo-book

Lost in Translation - my first photo-book

I’ve been thinking of making a photo-book for a long time now, so I thought it was about time I gave it a try!

The first and hardest decision was picking a theme/selection of images! Many of my favorite photographs are those that are slightly abstract in nature with themes leaning toward studying interactions between humans and nature or those within nature itself. So I set about the selection process and arrived at the title “Lost in Translation”.

I ordered it through a company callled Saal Digital:
http://www.saal-digital.co.uk/ (or “@saal.digital.uk” on Facebook/@saal_digital on Instagram/#saaldigital on Twitter)

The process involved downloading Saal’s software and then you can design and order the book straight through your desktop. I found the software a little daunting to begin with, not least becasue there so many options and styles to choose from, but once I started to play around a bit it was easy to get the hang of and was really quite flexible. I kept it pretty simple though – for me it was all about seeing what my photo’s would look like printed in book form.

You can have a look at it virtually here (until 07/10/2016):

In all honesty I have been really impressed with the whole process. Firstly it was produced and delivered much quicker than I would have anticipated – I uploaded my order late on a Thursday evening and it arrived, nicely packaged the following Tuesday. Which given it was printed in and had to come all the way from Germany was really quite an amazing turnaround!

2016-08-07 07.14.55

It was quite a joy to be able to open it and see my photo’s all nicely printed and produced into book form. The quality of the production feels excelent, so it’s a pleasure to hold and flick through, which was exactly what I was hoping for!

2016-08-07 07.13.51

One thing I worry about when printing my work is that I don’t have a great monitor and it’s not calibrated so there’s that unknown element of “are they going to come out looking ok?!”. But all of my images have come out as expected, if not better in a couple of cases. I knew some of my choices might be testing of the printing process which was a factor in choosing some – to give me a broad experience and feel for how different images might come out.

2016-08-07 07.14.38

I only took these photo’s with my little tablet, so the quality really doesn’t do the book justice, but I’m sure to be showing everyone in person at every oportunity!

This process has really urged me on and inspired me – I have a huge backlog of images to process and get up, so I’d best get on with it!

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